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3D printing has been utilized in every industry thus far. In some industries it’s more predominate than others, but every industry has full potential to utilize additive manufacturing one way or another through every process.

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Aerospace & Defense

Many aerospace companies have sky-rocketed toward additive manufacturing because of the many benefits it provides. Light weighting provides cost savings on fuel, parts on demand help aging planes stay in the air, all this and more means additive manufacturing is the only process that is taking aerospace to the next level.

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Consumer Products

In a world where people want to get their parts to market faster, have unlimited design iterations without paying for upfront tooling costs and inventory management, 3D printing can provide the solution.

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Firms are utilizing 3D printing to make scaled 3D replicas of their architectural designs. This allows designers to seamlessly portray their design intentions to their customers, leading to greater job acceptance rates.

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3D printed replicas of the human body and its individual parts are extremely valuable in training students in the healthcare industry. On the professional side, 3D printed replicas can help doctors determine the best course of action and surgical techniques to implement in a given procedure.

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Tooling & Industrial

To stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, manufacturing plants need to reduce production costs and lead times. 3D printing works in unison with manufacturing to save on costs and speed up those lead times by starting at the prototype stage and running through complete component production.

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Additive manufacturing is rapidly changing the transportation industry. The desire for enhanced part efficiency, light weighting, aesthetics and personalization has made 3D printing extremely desirable. Whether it's under the hood of a race car or just a part on a standard bicycle, 3D printed parts are being integrated into the transportation industry at an incredible rate.

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