HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)


Multi Jet Fusion

3D Printing Made Convenient

The Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology was engineered by HP, a leading developer in 3D printing. This is the only process that allows you to have an end-use plastic part that offers high resolution, quick turnaround, and low costs.

MJF eliminates long lead times, up front tooling costs, any need for inventory, and design change penalties. This technology is ideal for projects with custom features in low or high volumes.


HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) Process

Step 1

Layer of powdered material is applied to build platform.

Step 2

Detail and binding agents are applied. Energy is used to fuse layers of powdered material.

Step 3

Platform is lowered and next layer of powder is applied. Process is repeated.

Step 4

Unused powder is removed. Finish part is revealed.

Build Specs

Max Size Capabilities

We can 3D print multiple parts nested together in large build volume. Keep in mind that geometries, wall thicknesses, and part orientation can have an effect on your build, as with any process. If you have questions on how to design for the HP 4200 MJF please reach out and we will be happy to help.

Dimension Capacity
X (length) 15" (381mm)
Y (width) 11.2" (285mm)
Z (depth) 15" (381mm)
Layer Thickness 80 microns


HP hired leading material engineers to develop plastic powders for its Multi Jet Fusion technology. The result was Nylon 12 Glass-Filled, an end-use plastic with higher rigidity & lower cost.

  • Nylon 12 Glass Filled
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Due to quality controls implemented 3D Parts Unlimited is able to achieve higher than expected tolerances. If you have critical dimensions please specify.

  • +/- .010″ (.254mm)
  • +/- .002″ after the first inch (.508mm)

3D Print Advantages

Multi Jet Fusion

  • Utilizes Fusing Agents to Bind Layers
  • Quality Control, Smooth Surface
  • Fusing Time Exposure: 60msec
  • Longer Polymer Chains

Selective Laser Sintering

  • Uses a Laser to Bind Layers
  • High Precision, but Grainy Surface
  • Fusing Time Exposure: 60‎μsec
  • Short Polymer Chains

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