The Cheesehead Visor

July 7, 2017

Engman Taylor in partnership with Foamation (makers of the world-famous Cheesehead hat) designed and created the cheesehead visor or otherwise known as the “Chisor” for the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic. This product was uniquely designed and produced, using additive manufacturing technology. Foamation had the concept and contracted Engman-Taylor to do the design work and 3D modeling. This model was then printed on the Markforged printer using ONYX material providing a high-resolution incredibly strong prototype. 3D printed models reduce cost and turnaround time while adding flexibility and design capabilities never before possible.

This 3D positive model is then turned into a mold and is ready to create chisors using Foamation’s super-secret foam recipe. Just like the cheesehead hat, chisors give fans a chance to show their team spirit with a functional, durable, foam LPGA visor.

Foamation , known for their cheesehead hats offers dozens of other creative and cheesy products. They are masters at mold making and will make your foam idea a reality. Difficult shapes and logos are now possible. Contact Foamation with project or corporate idea today. Soon Foamation will be giving guided tours through their facility and you may even get a chance to be able to make your own cheesehead!

Make sure to tune into the LPGA Classic at Thornberry Creek. This is a beautiful course in Wisconsin and is the official course of the Green Bay Packers. The LPGA Classic is starting July 3rd and plays till July 9th , attend the event and pickup Thornberry Creek’s new Chisor today!

Contact Engman-Taylor for all your 3D printing and design services. Now featuring HP Jet Fusion technology for production of molds and positives for Foamation and other manufacturers across the United States. The new HP printer utilizes a Nylon 12 material that prints in very fine detail, 10 times faster than any other 3D printer on the market.

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