3D Printed Prototype

February 25, 2016

Why 3D printing?

3D printing is sweeping the nation off its feet. You may hear of 3D printed parts in airplanes, cars, and even the medical devices that could save your life. But why print parts when companies can already machine and manufacture them? 3D printing can create more intricate designs than traditional manufacturing machines, with faster setup, greater flexibility, and often a lower cost. 3D printers create optimal strength parts with reduced material and weight, based on these more intricate designs. Not only is 3D printing used for making finished used parts, it is heavily used for prototypes, castings, and holders for all sorts of manufacturing processes.

3D printers are ideal for prototyping. Print your new designs almost as easily as you draw them; a dramatic improvement over traditional machining. Imagine being able to concept a new idea without any of the restrictions that manufacturing may present. It is one thing to be able to imagine how a part may feel or look when it is up on a CAD program, but it’s an entirely new world when you can actually hold that part in your hands. Having a physical prototype increases the overall efficiency of the design process. 3D printed parts can also be used for programming a coordinate measuring machine, building a fixture, dry-cycling a machine program, and more.

Engman-Taylor is now able to provide this service to our customers. As a distributor servicing manufacturers we are always looking for new ways to help our customers. Our 3D print and design capabilities will help to lower our customers overall cost. Engman-Taylor will work with your engineers to get a prototype part into their hands at a much lower cost and much faster time than it would take to machine a similar prototype. We will work with you to define the best 3D printing process, and material that would best fit the project.

Here is a prototype designed and printed for a customer. The physical model helped refine the machining and design process, as well as facilitating the set up of their laser measuring machines; reducing the overall production times. We helped to create the file needed to print the part and also offered advice on the material and process that would best fit their needs.

This part is about 1/10th the cost that it would take to machine it and only took half a day to make.

Multi jet was the process chosen in this instance. This process produces an ideal surface finish and dimensional accuracy up to the thousandths of an inch. There are also many different plastic materials to choose from that have different mechanical properties.

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