3D Printed Fixture Solves Inspection Problem

April 12, 2016

A great example of how 3D printing can solve issues on the manufacturing plant floor!

Here is an example, where a customer needed a fixture to hold a part in an exact orientation, so that under a microscope the tiny hole on top could be seen through. This was to visually verify that a pin had been placed correctly. Prior to this an operator had to manually position and hold the part while focusing the microscope.

The part to the right is the finished product. This was made using our fused deposition modeling (FDM) machine, printed in plastic. This gives a very durable, accurate part that can be used many times. The customer had asked for the part to be made and the following day they had it in their hands, and on the floor being used.

A part of this nature would typically be around $250 to machine in plastic and would have to be done in a job shop where the turnaround time could be a few weeks.

However Engman-Taylor was able to make this part for less than half the cost and was on the shop floor in 1 day!!

Let Engman-Taylor take virtually any drawing or CAD file and turn it into a usable fixture in no time at all!

If you don’t have drawings or CAD files don’t worry! We have designers to assist in designing and printing your custom fixture or component.

Call Engman-Taylor today for more information on your 3D printing project and print your first fixture! 262-255-9300

Let us know your feedback. Let us know how 3D printing solved a problem for you. Have a question or something you want us to quote? Contact us today!

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