Continuous Liquid Interface Production(CLIP)


Continuous Liquid Interface Production

Durable, Fast, Production Components

CLIP is a process that utilizes photo-curable liquid polymers and supporting structures. This process works with the FIGURE 4 MODULAR. It creates parts with high tolerances and great surface finishes. The ability to produce crisp, clean, sharp edges, fast, with production quality, is what separates CLIP from similar technologies.

CLIP is ideal for high end prototyping jobs that need internal structure visualization or fit validation in assemblies as well as Low-Medium Production Quantities for a variety of applications all with Six Sigma repeat-ability!


Continuous Liquid Interface Production(CLIP) Process

Step 1​

Plate is lowered into the bed of resin.

Step 2​

Energy (UV Light) is applied to solidify a cross-section of part

Step 3​

Platform is raised and next layer of resin is cured. Process is repeated.

Step 4​

Supports are removed. Finish part is revealed.

Build Specs

Max Size Capabilities

Living hinges & complex geometries are made possible with CLIP technology. Geometries can affect warping, so if you have questions on how to design using CLIP reach out to us right away. Please note, all overhangs are supported by its own material, which is factored into the pricing. This process is NOT suitable for stacking parts.

Dimension Capacity
X (length) 4.9" (124.8 mm)
Y (width) 2.8" (70.2 mm)
Z (depth) 13.6" (346 mm)
Layer Thickness 1920 X 1080 Pixels


Materials are produced by 3D Systems, one of the largest 3D printing companies. The materials are liquid polymers that are cured utilizing a UV light.

  • Figure 4 Rubber 65A Black
  • Figure 4 TOUGH-GRY 10
  • Figure 4 High Temp 300C
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Because of the small layer thicknesses, tolerances are unparalleled compared to other 3D printing technologies. This can be taken advantage of during the prototype phase into production applications.

  • ​+/- .003″ (.0762mm)

3D Print Advantages

Continuous Liquid Interface Production

  • Easily Removable supports
  • Six Sigma Repeat-ability
  • Allows for Smaller Part Features
  • Very Fast!


  • Uses Pressurized Water to Remove Supports
  • Tends to Break Small Part Features
  • Warping of thin walled sections

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