Why yes, we will print your cosplay props, costumes, and accessories….

November 9, 2016

Just a sneak peak here…

This is a project we are working on for a customer who is making, designing, and engineering one really cool Wookie costume. While we take the credit for the 3D design, model, and printing; the real credit goes to the customer (cosplayer).

While we don’t want to give away too much information here; we do want to tease you with a quick picture of one component (shoulder pad). The customer supplied a concept image and we turned his ideas into durable, plastic, 3D components.
More details to follow….

Contact us with your project. You might be surprised how much we can help and how little we charge.

The image to the right is the shoulder pad after printing but before the support material is removed. The support material can be removed by simply pulling it off the part or by soaking in warm water. Our technician will remove the support material before shipping the part to the customer. Two shoulder pads were produced for this job.

We have a best-in-class 3D modeling system, multiple 3D printers, and a full-time Engineer for your design and printing projects. In fact, we even have several cosplayers working here who are more than willing to help with your next project.

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