Custom Designed Center Console Organizer for an Escalade

May 4, 2016

You’ve looked, or at least you’re looking now; there are no good organizers available for an Escalade. We know – we’ve looked too. We eventually gave up looking and printed one. That’s right; we printed our own. It was such a hit we had to print another for a customer. So, we thought we would share our experience with you.

There are only a few organizers available for the Cadillac Escalade – and none are very good. All of them take up too much space, have one or two compartments, a couple of coin holders, or are just plain useless. Engman-Taylor has the solution for you.

The image below represents just one of our designs, but don’t think your stuck with this one. Let us know what you want; we’ll work up a design that fits YOUR needs. We even have one with a compartment for a handgun. We’ll print you this one if you want or will print your design. Give us some guidance and we’ll come up with an organizer that works for you.

Designed for a perfect fit in the center console of an Escalade. It has pockets for a phone, business cards, glasses, flashlight, pens, coins, mail, receipts or important documents and more. All the pockets allow for easy access to the objects and keeps everything neat and organized.

The design is both flexible and affordable. There are several colors and materials to choose from; contact us to learn more about options and pricing. All items are printed with durable and long lasting plastic materials.

Engman-Taylor is constantly adding value-added services with 3D printing being our latest addition. We offer CAD design services, concept modeling, printing, and more.

Interested in having your own organizer printed?

Let us know what you would like to see. Drive something other than an Escalade, let us know what you’ve seen (or not seen) in an organizer. It doesn’t even have to be an organizer – got something else in mind? Let us know.

Have a question about 3D Printing or something you want us to quote? Contact us today

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